These definitions were created to communicate with the public the purpose of each lockdown type for USD 337. These definitions will remain on this website at all times in the event of an actual lockdown.

Level 1 "Modified" Lockdown
A Level 1 "Modified" Lockdown will be used when there is a threat made toward the school, student(s), or the community from a source outside the school building. This is used as a precautionary lockdown to keep a threat or potential threat outside of the school building and keep the students inside and safe. When in a Level 1 modified lockdown, all students will be kept inside the building and no one from outside will be allowed inside the building without administrator approval. Classes will be conducted as normal with the exception of classroom doors being locked.

Level 2 "Clear the Halls" Lockdown
A Level 2 "Clear the Halls" Lockdown will be used when there is a medical emergency, or an upset/irate individual in the building, or a minor situation happening near the school. This is used to make sure that students do not come into contact with a medical emergency situation or an upset/irate individual. When in a Level 2 Lockdown, students must remain in their classrooms and not enter the hallways until the situation is resolved.

Level 3 "Intruder" Lockdown
A Level 3 "Intruder" Lockdown will be used when there is a threat of violence inside the school building or a serious situation that could jeopardize the safety of students. When in a Level 3 Intruder Lockdown, we will initiate intruder protocols for staff and students.