Requests for use of the district’s buildings and grounds by individuals or outside organizations shall be submitted to the building principal. Any request for use of the district’s buildings or grounds shall be granted or denied pursuant to regulations for use of the facilities developed by the administrator and approved by the board. Any group using the district’s facilities shall comply with all rules and regulations governing use of the facility.

Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Property or Equipment

No request for use of school equipment shall be granted until the requestor executes a use agreement specifying such person will agree to pay the district fair market value for any equipment that has been lost, stolen, or has suffered irreparable damage while in the requestor’s possession. For the purposed of this policy, “irreparable damage” shall include any damage severe enough that the cost to repair such equipment would be more than the fair market value of the equipment. If school equipment is returned damaged beyond normal wear and tear of acceptable use, the requestor shall be responsible for the cost to repair such equipment. The district may also require the purchase of insurance.

Personal Use

No district equipment shall be used by staff for personal reasons at school or away from its designated station without the prior approval of the building principal.