Food Services

In June 2023, the Board of Education approved Becky Schuetz and Lindsey Bailey to co-direct the food service program. Their combined mission was to make our school meals better for our kids. Lindsey states the improvements we have made to our school meals are as follows:

-The menus were revamped to include healthier, more made-from-scratch items and less processed food.

-The bars have more fruit, veggies, and other options.

-We have had “Try-Days” at some of the schools and will continue to do more of these days to expand access to new things. We also educate the kids about what they are trying and the benefits of these food items.

-We have put items on the bars that kids may not have had before, so our kids have the option to try new things and expand their palates.

-We have booked an educational opportunity for the elementary school to learn about why dairy is an important part of their diets.

-Made some homemade meals from locally sourced partners.

-We sent out a survey to get the opinions of high school students on meals that are offered.

Becky and I would like to thank our kitchen staff for the hard work they do every day. We would also like to shine the light on Tresa Starkson (Hoyt Site Kitchen Manager) for all she does in collaboration with us. Tresa has been a rock through the sometimes difficult and time-consuming changes we have made and continue to make. She goes in on days off to make sure the kitchen is prepped for the next day, manages the two sites, and orders the food for both schools, along with everything else managing a kitchen may include.

Food service spends a lot of time looking into other options and making made-from-scratch meals and will continue to work to make improvements to school meals for your kids. We do greatly appreciate those kiddos who let us know they are liking the new changes.

Food display