KSDE Listening Tour: Indigenous Essential Understandings

The KACIE-WG (Kansas Advisory Council on Indigenous Education - Workgroup) is currently surveying Indigenous peoples within the state of Kansas and surrounding states to gather information on what topics are essential for all Kansans to know about Indigenous people and their histories. The data collected during this survey will be used to develop teaching points for essential understandings, as well as, provide important guidance in the creation of teaching resources and documents within the state of Kansas.

By consenting to allow your student to participate in this survey/discussion, they will be asked for input on the importance or relevance of the questions listed in the listening tour question/note document in the link below. The information gathered from your student will only be used in aggregate data and will not be identifiable for your individual student.

KSDE Listening Tour Questions

KSDE Listening Tour Consent Form