Club-Organized Events

1st Family & Community Tournament 11-14-20 1st Club Tournament 9-19-20

Goals of Fishing Club

The Royal Valley Fishing Club is a student created and driven club that aims to spread enthusiasm about the sport of fishing. The club is focused on teaching fishing techniques at all levels of ability. The club participates in fishing days and at least 2 tournaments a year.

Current Members

RVHS Fishing Club currently has 43 members. Created in the fall of 2019, the club continues to grow.

How to Join Fishing Club

We are always looking to grow our numbers, so if you have any interest in joining the fishing club please contact Samantha Swank at swanks@rv337.org with questions. Fishing club is free to join. Fishing license and equipment are not required to join, we have equipment that can be used.

Sponsors Sponsors of the fishing club help make all of our events possible. All sponsors of the club are recognized by having their names on all club apparel, as well as on tournament jerseys. The support of sponsors allows the club to buy equipment, prizes, and pay entry fees for tournaments. It cost $100 to become an official sponsor of the fishing club for a year, but all support is welcome. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or have any questions, please contact Samantha Swank at swanks@rv337.org or 785-986-6251.