Spanish Results
Spanish Results
Chloe Richter
Thursday, May 16, 2019

All semester Spanish students have competed weekly to see who completed the most Duolingo lessons each week. There was also a March Madness tournament pitting classes of all levels against each other to do the most lessons overall. These are the semester totals and winners for who has completed the most Duolingo lessons second semester.

Profe Temple said, “These are pretty impressive numbers! I think they deserve some recognition!”



HORA 3A: 66 lessons per student (1,253 lessons / 19 students)

HORA 2B: 120 lessons per student (2,759 lessons / 23 students)

*Spanish I students did 4,012 total Duolingo lessons this semester!

Spanish I Individual Winners:

Honorable mentions: Krista M. (40 lecciones), Karlie A. (45), Blaine L. (45), Lily L. (47), Sophie A. (48), Jacob W. (49), David D. (50), Aaron S. (55), Chase E. (60), Josh K. (64), Auti W. (64)

10º: Tim S. (71 lecciones)

9º: Fallon G. (75 lecciones)

8º: Catrina S. (79 lecciones)

7º: Blake H. (113 lecciones)

6º: MaKaleb P. (225 lecciones)

5º: Tegan R. (277 lecciones)

4º: Christina H. (284 lecciones)

3º: Angel W. (464 lecciones)

2º: Brett W. (757 lecciones)

1º: Parker L. (762 lecciones)


HORA 1B: 48 lessons per student (967 lessons / 20 students)

HORA 4B: 57 lessons per student (918 lessons / 16 students)

*Spanish II students did 1,885 total Duolingo lessons this semester

Spanish II Individual Winners:

Honorable Mentions: Isaac H. (31 lecciones), Tanner H. (32), Caleb B. (33), Katie R. (34), Emma M. (35), Morgan H. (41), Luke B. (42)

10º: Preston T. (49 lecciones)

9º: Grant G. (51 lecciones)

8º: Alyssa C. (61 lecciones)

7º: Cole D. y Noah F. (73 lecciones)

6º: Kaitlin H. (76 lecciones)

5º: Rhiannon C. (152 lecciones)

4º: Jazzmyne S. (175 lecciones)

3º: Jessica R. (197 lecciones)

2º: Josslyn C. (251 lecciones)

1º: Liz S. (317 lecciones)


HORA 1A: 24 lessons per student (121 lessons / 5 students)

HORA 2A: 248 lessons per student (1,491 lessons / 6 students)

*Spanish III/IV students did 1,612 total Duolingo lessons this semester

Spanish III/IV Individual Winners:

Honorable Mentions: Wakiyan Wi I. (31 lecciones), Pak H. (31), Janine G. (32), Greg K. (37)

5º: Tope S. (56 lecciones)

4º: Benjamin N. (117 lecciones)

3º: Kobe M. (118 lecciones)

2º: McKenzie H. (306 lecciones)

1º: Amanda S. (863 lecciones)

** Overall all Spanish students together did 7,509 lessons in Duolingo this semester! ¡Increíble! **